Cold Brew Coffee Maker

1.5L Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Item  No.ASCB5004R-1.5L

Food  Safe & BPA Free

All parts dishwasher-safe

1500ml  borosilicate glass carafe

18/8 stainless steel infuser and lid 

•	Assures  the  smoothest  taste, Cold brew coffee  concentrate  is  70% less  acidic than hot brews, giving you the most exquisite and refined taste. You can also make  cold  brew tea.
•	The cold brew coffee pitcher is made with thick Borosilicate technology for utmost longevity and use. it’s specially-made to withstand rapid temperature changes from boiling hot to ice cold. So it can be used for both hot and iced coffees/teas.